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Found this during a random Google search and decided to give it a go.

1. You are trapped inside the last video game you played. How screwed are you?
Kingdom Hearts II. On the other hand, Disney characters. On the other hand, beings of pure darkness that may pounce me any second and tear my heart out, turning me into one of them. I'm either totally okay, or really, really screwed.

2. You are trapped inside the last anime you saw. How screwed are you?
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. Unless the Ohu dogs have their usual level of chivalry and tell me to go back in the kitchen and make them sandwiches just for being female, I'm getting killed by the first bear I see. So again, I may be okay or may be screwed.

3. There was a zombie apocalypse, and your team had the main character of the last anime you watched and the last game you played. Who are they, and how screwed are you?
Sora and Gin. So there's zombies everywhere and my survival depends on a kid swinging a giant key around and a dog who can turn himself into an impromptu chainsaw.

Sorry, zombies. You are screwed.

4. The last food you ate -good or bad- is now the last food on Earth. How screwed are you?
Sandwiches. I think we'll be fine, at least until a nuclear war breaks out over sandwich reserves and we all die.

5.  The main villain of the last game/anime you saw is now your partner in crime. How screwed are you?
Seeing as Xemnas is a manipulative bastard with little to no concern for those who do not further his plans, I'd say I'm extremely screwed. And taking that "manipulative bastard" part into consideration, I'm probably even more screwed than I think.


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